How to Make Your Hardwood Floor Look More Presentable

Presentable Hardwood FloorAre you looking for a cheap solution to freshen up your old and damaged hardwood floors?

There is no need for expensive handyman work, you can do it yourself with just a few tricks.

If you want your floors to look as good as new and be in a presentable shape, you should check out these little secrets!

It’s Time to Clean Your Floors

Don’t be scared if your hardwood is all scratched and old. That is supposed to happen to them, but it’s on you to make them look brand new! First step towards that goal is cleaning them, so grab your hardwood cleaner, or make it yourself. You will need 1 part white vinegar mixed with 10 parts of water. When you are ready bring out your mop and gently wipe your floor with it. They are looking better already!

I want them to shine!

If your floors don’t have visible and deep scratches, and cleaning did the most of the work, you only need to do one more thing. You will need to get some cleaning spray and a hardwood restorer. Simply spray the cleaner on the floor and follow it with the mop and it will fill in the scratches. When you are done, follow it up with the restorer doing the same thing. Your hardwood should be looking shiny and new.

The scratches are really deep…

Well that’s ok, there is a solution for that, but it will need more work, so roll up your sleeves! Take 180-grit sandpaper and hand-sand the floor and corners you can’t reach. Keep doing this until powder forms. Now it’s time for the buffer!

Get your buffer and put maroon buffing pad on it. Cover your whole area, overlapping each course by few inches. Stop to vacuum every few minutes and see the progress. Results should be visible right away, don’t forget to put on your dust mask!

All done with buffer? Great, now it’s time to clean all of that powder you made. Grab a vacuum cleaner and microfiber cloth and clean your floor as good as you can. Pay special attention to powder between the boards. Now it’s time for stained finish.

Start off your brushing with edges and let it dry out for a few minutes when you are finished. After that, get your long handed roller and paint your floor in nice stripes. Don’t worry when you do it and feel free to overlap each pass, but work quickly to keep edge wet. When you are done, let it dry for 3-4 hours and see your amazing results!

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The Importance of Proper Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood Floor

Hardwood flooring is preferred by most people because it is the most beautiful, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. They are considered as a great investment as they improve the look of your home. There are many hardwood cleaning websites that offer great tips on how to keep your floors well maintained and last a long time. Another great thing about hardwood is it never goes out of style making it easy to decorate your home.

However, installing it is expensive making it important to take care of them properly so that you can get value of your money once the floor lasts long and also enjoy the shine of the furnishing.

I once worked at a home as a babysitter and I used to wonder how they kept their hardwood floor so shiny everyday. The owners told me the secret was daily cleaning and dusting. So when you decide to use hardwood as your primary flooring material, be ready to clean it on a daily basis to keep enjoying the beautiful shine and furnishing.

The following are importance of keeping your floor clean:

1. Good care makes it stay beautiful

Proper care makes them look beautiful as when it was installed. Removal of dirt and dust daily makes it stay shiny and attractive.

2. Prevents future replacement

When you leave your floor without cleaning for a long time, the dust, sand and dirt that settle on it daily can damage it over time. This should be done regardless of how often they are used.

3. Prevents cracking and splinting

When you need to mop for any reason like during spills, avoid using a wet mop but a damp one since water makes the wood swell up causing cracks. When you allow water to soak in the wood, it will start to stink over time making your home have unpleasant oduor.

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How to Choose a Good Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Vacuuming hardwood floors is challenging for many homeowners because they can easily get damaged. It is for this reason that you should learn the following tips on, how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for hardwood.

It is important to select models that are padded because they do not cause scratches and other marks on the surface of your floor.


Good Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood FloorsThe weight of the device needs to be considered since cleaning large sections of your home can be tiring if you are using a heavy machine. A self-contained upright model is desirable for small floor plans since it is heavy.

If your home has large rooms, It is advisable to opt for the canister vacuums. These are light and can easily be used for cleaning confined spaces.

Suction Power

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, prioritize on one that has enough suction. If you’re leaning towards a handheld model with good suction strength, consider using a handheld Dyson vacuum.

You can find a list of the best, and most powerful vacuum cleaners for hardwood over at This is to effectively take away dust, pet dander and other particles from the floor. It is worth noting that, this is the most important factor you have to consider before making your choice.

Maintenance and Repair

It should not be an inconvenience every time you need to service it. The parts should be detachable to allow you to clean it properly. In case of faults, you should easily find a competent repair technician and replacement parts to repair it.

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Tips for Laying Wood Floor on Concrete

Wooden floors give a rustic and appealing manifestation to the room. It requires skill to install wooden floor correctly. A faulty installation could end up in damaged and filthy appearance. It can be a bit difficult to have wood floors placed on top of concrete and that is why a professional approach is often recommended. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Always use good quality material for great results.
  • Take accurate measurements.
  • Buy prepackaged floors to make the task simple.
  • Keep itin the home for some time to adjust with the surroundings. Remember, it is an important point!
  • Make the concrete floor clean and smooth. Level it properly by filling the low spots and grinding off the high ones. Sand it for great finish.

Laying Wood on Smooth Concrete Floor

Tools required

  • Timber board
  • Drills, saw, hammers, nails and fitting tool
  • Adhesive tape
  • Vapor barrier
  • Sandpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Edge blocks and space blocks

Steps to lay the floor

  1. Preparing the boards: As a general rule, always lay boards in the direction of the longest straight wall. If you have a square room, then follow the direction of light for maximum brightness in the room. Let the boards remain there for one or two days to get acquainted with the surroundings. Remove any inwards-opening doors to make the task simple. Remove the old skirting boards, if you have any. You will have to put new ones after completing the flooring.
  2. Install the vapor barrier: Vapor barriers or vapor retarders prevent the moisture reaching inside. Asphalt and Polyethylene are the best material. Cover the concrete slab evenly with a layer of cut-back cold mastic and let it remain undisturbed for a few hours. Apply a second coat to make the surface even. If you are using polyethylene, then it is better to use 4 or 6 mm film and extend it under the board on all sides. Overlap it properly to cover entire area. For humid areas, it is suggested coating primer on the wooden boards before installing. Put adhesive tapes on the joints and edges to make them air-tight.
  3. Lay the floor: Put the plastic spacer along the walls to allow expansion due to changes in humidity. Make sure that the spacer is removed after the installation. Start from the corner and lay the first row. The end of the boards are usually tongued and grooved. Fix them according to the instruction manual. You have to either nail them or glue them. Complete entire row by cutting the last board. Lay the second row by fixing all sides. Put pressure towards the walls where you have put plastic spacer. Make sure that each joint is tightened properly. Laying the last row is the trickiest task. Measure the gap between the edge of adjacent board and the wall. Cut the boards of 10 mm less width. Fit the boards and fit them along the length. Use fitting tools wherever required.

Enjoy the grace and beauty of a wooden floor even if you have built the home on concrete slab. Follow the above-mentioned tips make the floor classy and chic! Don’t forget to check out: Best Vacuum For Wood Floors – Topsinnj Reviews

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