How to Choose a Good Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Vacuuming hardwood floors is challenging for many homeowners because they can easily get damaged. It is for this reason that you should learn the following tips on, how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for hardwood.

It is important to select models that are padded because they do not cause scratches and other marks on the surface of your floor.


Good Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood FloorsThe weight of the device needs to be considered since cleaning large sections of your home can be tiring if you are using a heavy machine. A self-contained upright model is desirable for small floor plans since it is heavy.

If your home has large rooms, It is advisable to opt for the canister vacuums. These are light and can easily be used for cleaning confined spaces.

Suction Power

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, prioritize on one that has enough suction. If you’re leaning towards a handheld model with good suction strength, consider using a handheld Dyson vacuum.

You can find a list of the best, and most powerful vacuum cleaners for hardwood over at This is to effectively take away dust, pet dander and other particles from the floor. It is worth noting that, this is the most important factor you have to consider before making your choice.

Maintenance and Repair

It should not be an inconvenience every time you need to service it. The parts should be detachable to allow you to clean it properly. In case of faults, you should easily find a competent repair technician and replacement parts to repair it.

Your Health

The disposal method of the collected particles has to be safe for you. There are several health risks that you can be exposed to when emptying a bin of dirt. This is when you inhale tiny particles from dust or animal hairs. Devices with a disposable bag are preferable over those with bags that are built in to avoid respiratory complications.


The ideal vacuum cleaner does not necessarily have to be very expensive. The purchase should be done in a way that you get value for your money at the end. In order to get great bargains, you can opt for the following:

You can get affordable vacuum cleaners by applying for coupon codes and online coupon codes where you can take advantage of numerous offers from reputable retailers. Look for clearance sales and promotional offers because you can save a lot due to the fact that, many stores don’t source their products from middlemen but, directly from manufacturers. Online purchases of the machine are affordable since online stores incur low overheads when compared to their brick and mortar counterparts.


Programmable Robot Vacuum CleanerInnovation has resulted to the introduction of vacuum cleaners that can be programmed to clean the floor while you relax or carry out other household tasks.

A good machine should also have additional capabilities that can be used for other cleaning tasks.

Manufacturer Warranty

A vacuum cleaner is an important investment. It is imperative that you ask about the warranty terms before the purchase to avoid incurring costs related to repair or replacement if the device is defective or gets damaged during the warranty period.

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