How To Clean Carpet Car Mats

The kids brought their dirty shoes in the car. You accidentally spilled your coffee on your way to work. Your lunch opened up when you slammed on your breaks at the unexpected stop sign.

carpet-car-matsThere are myriads of situations that could dirty up your car floor mats, even if only through extended use. The fact of the matter is that your car floor mats are designed to get dirty, as their purpose is to prevent the actual floor of the vehicle from getting dirty.

There are probably days and weeks when you practically live in your car.

For that reason, you no doubt would like it to be clean. It is not too big of a job to clean the mats, but you could destroy them if you don’t do it properly.

It is best to avoid washing them in the washing machine. Though mats are designed for tough contact and abuse, they are not designed for prolonged soaking and abrasion.

Following the next few steps will allow you to clean your car mats in a way that avoids damage.

  1. Step One: Vacuum the mats to remove all surface material. This makes the next steps much easier and certainly takes some of the harder, more vigorous work away.
  2. Step Two: Fill a plastic tub with warm water and fabric cleaner. Be careful that you choose a cleaner without detergents, as this will only attract more dirt and grime to your mats. Within just a few weeks your mats would be filthy again depending on how much you use the car.
  3. Step Three: Place them in the water mixture and let them become completely saturated with it. Be careful to not let them soak too long.
  4. Step Four: Take them out of the bin and scrub the entire mats vigorously with a soft bristled brush or mop. This lifts all the remaining dirt and grime that was not taken away during the first step.
  5. Step Five: Rinse with clean water. If using a bucket, refill it after this step.
  6. Step Six: If you have any intense stains that are not lifting, treat them with an appropriate stain remover treatment.
  7. Step Seven: Rinse again with clean water once the stain remover treatments are done with their jobs.
  8. Step Eight: Wipe down with a dry terry cloth towel, and let the them air dry. You can also use a wet dry vac on them to remove all the excess moisture, or if the weather conditions are not favorable for air drying.


Remember to place the mats back in the car only once they are completely dry. If you put them in before this, you will risk mildew growth. You can always complete the clean with a fabric protector, but this is an optional step.

If you have lots of pet hair that you would like to get rid of and have only a short period of time, you can simply brush over the carpets with a rubber pet brush. The hairs will attract and attach themselves to the brush and you will be done within just a few minutes.

These steps will making cleaning your car’s carpet mats that much easier while avoiding any unnecessary damage to them.

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