How to Make Your Hardwood Floor Look More Presentable

Presentable Hardwood FloorAre you looking for a cheap solution to freshen up your old and damaged hardwood floors?

There is no need for expensive handyman work, you can do it yourself with just a few tricks.

If you want your floors to look as good as new and be in a presentable shape, you should check out these little secrets!

It’s Time to Clean Your Floors

Don’t be scared if your hardwood is all scratched and old. That is supposed to happen to them, but it’s on you to make them look brand new! First step towards that goal is cleaning them, so grab your hardwood cleaner, or make it yourself. You will need 1 part white vinegar mixed with 10 parts of water. When you are ready bring out your mop and gently wipe your floor with it. They are looking better already!

I want them to shine!

If your floors don’t have visible and deep scratches, and cleaning did the most of the work, you only need to do one more thing. You will need to get some cleaning spray and a hardwood restorer. Simply spray the cleaner on the floor and follow it with the mop and it will fill in the scratches. When you are done, follow it up with the restorer doing the same thing. Your hardwood should be looking shiny and new.

The scratches are really deep…

Well that’s ok, there is a solution for that, but it will need more work, so roll up your sleeves! Take 180-grit sandpaper and hand-sand the floor and corners you can’t reach. Keep doing this until powder forms. Now it’s time for the buffer!

Get your buffer and put maroon buffing pad on it. Cover your whole area, overlapping each course by few inches. Stop to vacuum every few minutes and see the progress. Results should be visible right away, don’t forget to put on your dust mask!

All done with buffer? Great, now it’s time to clean all of that powder you made. Grab a vacuum cleaner and microfiber cloth and clean your floor as good as you can. Pay special attention to powder between the boards. Now it’s time for stained finish.

Start off your brushing with edges and let it dry out for a few minutes when you are finished. After that, get your long handed roller and paint your floor in nice stripes. Don’t worry when you do it and feel free to overlap each pass, but work quickly to keep edge wet. When you are done, let it dry for 3-4 hours and see your amazing results!

This must cost a fortune, doesn’t it?

Actually, that’s not true! You will need a little equipment to do this project alone and save your hardwood floors. Most important things you need are :

  • Mop
  • Wood floor cleaner
  • Cleaning spray
  • Wood floor restorer
  • Microfiber cloth

Most of the things you’ve already got in your household and others you can buy in any supermarket. They are not expensive and I think they are a great investment.

Why should your floors stay in that old and pale shape for who knows how long? Get the equipment you need, prepare to do some quality work and restore them! Bring them back that new shine and charm, and make them presentable for your family and friends, they will be amazed.

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